Water Heater Repair

Why choose Coastal Plumbing and Mechanical for all of your water heater repair needs

  • Whether your needs are for a water heater repair on your existing unit or you are looking for new more efficient water heater for your Southwest Florida home or business, Coastal Plumbing and Mechanical can help. We always come on time with a fully stocked vehicle to tackle any of your service needs. Our highly trained technicians are specialized to service and fix recirculating pumps and recirculating systems, concisely buying American made products whenever possible.
  • You can trust in Coastal Plumbing to take care of all of your water heater repairs and water heater replacement needs. We can have a knowledgeable repair technician come to you, diagnose any issue, and make the necessary repairs in a timely, professional, fashion.
  • If a water heater repair is not possible and a replacement water heater is necessary, our Coastal Plumbing professional will help you determine what product will best fit you and your families life style and needs. We will work on staying within your budget and let you know what your energy usage expectation should be. We can install any type of hot water heater in your residence weather it is from us or someone else. All of our new water heaters come with a full manufacturing warranty on parts and we warranty our workmanship. A tank water heater is warrantied for typically 6 years per household. Any replacement water heater that is installed through warranty by the manufacturer will come with a prorated warranty. Commercial tank water heaters are typically warrantied for half the amount of time residential water heaters are.
  • We often recommend our customers to check the circuit breaker and valves of their current water heater before scheduling a repair to help save them time and money. Coastal Plumbing can service all gas, electric, and hybrid water heaters in commercial and residential applications. We also highly suggest scheduling us to do your preventive maintenance every 12 months to keep your water heater running efficiently and save you money. Coastal Plumbing even offers 24 hour commercial repair and replacement service.

Prior Water Heater Repair Steps:

  • Shut off circuit breaker to water heater
  • Shut off water to water heater
water heater installation repair