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Why choose Coastal Plumbing and Mechanical for all of your water heater installation needs?

Coastal Plumbing has been a respected professional plumbing service for over 30 years. We are a trusted, family owned and operated company that has an insured, licensed, technician that is available to take care of any residential or commercial plumbing needs. We offer 24 hour residential emergency services along with a 24 hour commercial water heater replacement program to fully cover your business in its time of need.

All of our products come with a manufactures warranty and we warranty all of our workmanship. We have convenient hours to serve you from 8 AM to 4 PM Monday through Friday with appointments available. Coastal Plumbing is insured to work on all brands and types of plumbing hardware and can install any brand you have even if it is purchased elsewhere or if we do not carry it.

You can save up to 66% on your electric bill with a new Hybrid Water Heater!

Our Water Heater Installations are Fast, Easy, and Reliable.


Coastal Plumbing knows how valuable your time is and wants to save you money. Have one of our certified professionals take care of your next water heater installation during our convenient service hours.


Here at Coastal Plumbing we make things easy for our customers. We will help you pick out the right products for your current and future needs and schedule a convenient time for your next water heater installation.


Coastal Plumbing has been in the business locally for 30 years and has established a great relationship with local business, government agencies, banks, and residents. We also warranty all of our workmanship.

What you should know before your next water heater installation

Brands – Coastal Plumbing keeps many top brands in stock such as State Industries, A.O.Smith, Ruud, and Rheem. We also offer a full line of gas tankless water heaters from Rinnai, Noritz, and Navien. Whenever possible, Coastal Plumbing makes a conscious effort to buy American made products.

Permits – Depending on the county, customers should know it may be necessary to acquire a permit for a water heater installation on any unit larger than 50 gallons. Please call our office to learn about permitting requirements in your area.

NAECA Codes – New NAECA codes are in place restricting the use of water heaters larger than 55 gallons for residential use. In commercial water heater installations you can still buy larger electric tank water heaters.

Space Available – It is helpful to know the dimensions of the space available before selecting your new water heater. New efficiency codes have lead to physically larger water heaters. Replacing a heater with a new unit of the same volume may not work.

Alternatives to size – There are a number of innovative products available to help compensate for space limitations. With newer mixing valve technology we can increase the hot water output of a newer 30 gallon water heater and make it perform like your old 40 gallon water heater.

Hybrid Info & Sizes – Hybrid Electric Water Heaters are offered in 50, 66, and 80 gallon tank sizes. They are typically meant for garages and need a drain line installed. Replacing a 66 gallon normal tank water heater with a new hybrid water heater can save you up to 66% on electricity costs. It will even cool a garage substantially while running and can pay you back within 2-3 years. These heaters use a heat pump to pull warm ambient air in and disperse dehumidified cool air, most come with a 10 year limited warranty, and even have a vacation mode to easily control your heating needs.

Are we replacing an existing water heater? Here are some things to check before your next water heater installation:

Serial Number – checking for the serial number will give our technician a better idea of what your current water heater is and what your needs will be before a water heater installation.

Year of Install – this will let our technician know if the water heater may still be under its manufacturers warranty possibly saving you a lot of money.

Physical size of existing water heater – knowing the size of the existing water heater will tell our technician what size we can replace your water heater with saving you money on your next water heater installation.

Space available for new water heater – the space available for a new water heater is very important information because of new technologies and codes such as the NAECA (National Appliance Energy Conservation Act) that have been put in place.

Location of water heater – the location of the water heater will help narrow down what type of water heater Coastal Plumbing can replace the existing unit with on your next water heater installation.

tankless water heater installation repair specs
tank water heater installation repair specs

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Coastal Plumbing has been our “go to” plumbing company now for over seven years. They are always very responsive, professional, and fair. No need to go anywhere else!

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