Backflow Preventer Inspections and Repairs

A backflow preventer keeps water from flowing back into your home or business through your pipes. If this were to happen your drinking water could become contaminated and make you and your family very sick. Water backing up through the pipes is caused whenever there is a sudden drop in water pressure. Without the proper backflow preventer inspections and repairs you could become a victim to this problem.

Coastal Plumbing has been servicing the Southwest Florida area for over 30 years and has 6 Backflow Prevention Assembly Tester and Training certified technicians available for all your backflow preventer inspections and repairs.  This certification is earned through the TREEO Center located at the University of Florida. We service residential and business applications. It is so important that you can count on a reputable, licensed plumber to take care of your needs and keep your loved ones healthy. We will make sure that the water that comes from your tap, shower, washing machine, or any other outlet of your dwelling is clean and safe.