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Fire protection you can trust

Installation, Inspection, Maintenance and Repair

Coastal Plumbing and Fire Protection is the only active contractor in the state licensed for both Fire Protection and Plumbing. This offers a unique advantage in quality and cost of our systems. As a Cat 2 Fire Protection Contractor we are licensed for all types of fire protection.

• Water based fire sprinkler systems
• Foam based fire sprinkler systems
• Fire pumps and hydrants
• Under and above ground piping of every type
• Quarterly, Annual, 3 and 5yr Inspections
• FL State Fire Protection Contractor 2
• Certification of Educational Achievement NFPA25
• NICT Level 4 Certified
• FL State Certified Plumbing Contractor
• FL State Certified Gas Contractor
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Residential Fire Protection

We are the only active contractor in the area that is State Licensed in both Plumbing and Fire Protection. Our dual license allows us to install combined plumbing/fire sprinkler systems in residential homes and duplex units.

This allows us to run one pipe system for sprinklers and plumbing, saving tremendous amounts of cost in both labor and materials. We also do not have to add some of the valving that a separate Fire Sprinkler Contractor would be required to install, and the system is better.

Please read some of the following, which is directly taken out of NFPA 13D, Standard for the installation of Sprinklers in One and Two Family Dwellings

Residential Fire Sprinkler
  • Increased Dependability

    Arranging the system so that a single control valve cuts off the water supply to both the sprinkler system and the plumbing system simultaneously greatly increases the likelihood that the sprinkler system will remain functional. This arrangement essentially provides for a means of system supervision; an inoperable toilet, kitchen sink, and shower will likely prompt an investigation of the water supply.

  • Significant Cost Savings

    The installations of a multipurpose piping system, as shown in Exhibit 1.6.1, has the potential to provide significant cost savings and increase system reliability in some situations. The increase in system reliability is based on the theory that impairments to the sprinkler system may be more readily recognized and repaired if they are part of the combined (domestic and sprinkler) system, whereas with the stand alone sprinkler system, it might possible to shut the sprinkler system off and not repair the problem immediately.

  • Reduced Health Concerns

    Some water supply organizations have long believed that health concerns associated with long-term water quality deterioration are reduced significantly with multipurpose systems because water circulates through most portions of the system.

Inspections, Maintenance, Repairs

We use Little Monster Fire Pump Test Equipment, which greatly reduces the pressure, water spray and hazards of high volume water tests. No more hand held test devices, inaccuracies, or water spray shooting across the property. This also minimizes damage to landscaping, provides precise flow rates, increases safety and saves time.

As our service customer, you will be included in our automated schedule system so that you do not have to worry about missing a scheduled inspection. We notify you as inspection dates become due, and co-ordinate inspection times. We also retain all inspection records in our system for future need, which helps diagnose deteriorating systems and provide access to you of all your inspection records if needed. All records are stored digitally on and off site for safety.

We also retain all CAD drawings given to us by our customers, are able to provide print copies, and have the ability to modify drawings as the need arises. Our software is state of the art and updated continuously to the latest NFPA Regulations.

A long term relationship is the best and most reliable way of maintaining the safety of your property

We provide all Sprinkler System Inspections required by the NFPA, Florida State Fire Marshall and Local Authorities, including:

  • Quarterly inspections of piping systems, fittings, valves, sprinkler heads, hydrants, risers, pumps, hoses and cabinets.
  • Annual, 3 year and 5 year inspections of entire systems with all items listed above, plus flow tests, hydrant tests, pump tests including pump curves and evaluation.
  • Complete design and fabrication of fire protection systems using the latest technology and software, including 3D CAD.